Glacier Lights Iceland art maria sjofn

Photo by Thordis Erla ©

JÖKLALJÓS Light 2016


„Tíminn er eins og vatnið,/og vatnið er kalt og djúpt/eins og vitund míns sjálfs“

“Time is like water,/and the water is cold and deep/as my own consciousness”

Poetry by Steinn Steinar (1948)


When presented with powerful experiences of nature, we feel a connection to the world and experience ourselves as part of a larger whole.


„Jöklaljós“ = “Glacier Light” is inspired of the ever changing Nature.


The impact of the Glaciers on the landscape of Iceland and then on its inhabitants has been remarkable through history.  The Lights cast the graphics on a surface and reflect the retreat in shadowing line drawing of the glaciers from the year 1890 until today. The research is based on the Glacier Map of Iceland 2015, published by the Icelandic Met Office.

Glacier Lights Iceland art maria sjofn

Photo by Thordis Erla ©

Glacier Lights Iceland art maria sjofn

Tíminn og vatnið


„Tíminn er eins og vatnið,

og vatnið er kalt og djúpt

eins og vitund mín sjálfs.


Og tíminn er eins og mynd,

sem er máluð af vatninu

og mér til hálfs.


Og tíminn og vatnið

renna veglaust til þurrðar

inn í vitund mín sjálfs“


Steinn Steinar (1948)


Glacier Lights Iceland art maria sjofn

Information about Iceland's glaciers is often needed for various purposes. Therefor, a map of the glaciers of Iceland is both scientific and practical value. The information on a glacier map need to be updated frequently because no other aspect in the Icelandic landscape changes as fast as its glaciers.


During the late glacial period, most of iceland was covered by glaciers, although the highest mountain peaks may have been exposed above the ice-sheet surfaces as nunataks. Around 10.000 years ago most the the glacier ice had melted and 7.000 years ago iceland was glacier-free. Glaciers started forming again about 5.000 years ago and the settlement time, 1100 years ago, glaciers had become somewhat less extent than at the present time. The glaciers advanced during most of the eleven centuries of icelandic history, reaching a maximum about 1890 CE. during the 20th century the glaciers retreated by about as much as they had advanced during the 1970 to 1995. The first decade of the 21th century had the highest rate of glacier retreat on record. (Glacier Map of Iceland, 2015)

Glacier Lights Iceland art maria sjofn
Glacier Lights Iceland art maria sjofn
Glacier Lights Iceland art maria sjofn

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