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María Sjöfn


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Maria_Sjofn Maria Sjofn visual_artist designer #mariasjofn
Maria_Sjofn Maria Sjofn visual_artist designer #mariasjofn

      Maria Sjofn is a Visual Artist and a Designer living and working in Reykjavik, Iceland, where she was born and grew up. She works on her Visual Art and Design in long term projects developing her Art processes by layering research of Icelandic Nature.  The research is based on her travels in the Icelandic Wilderness of the Highlands where she spends part of every year since young age. Nature is her heart matter and passion.

      She has been working with depictions, ideology, representation, time and space. Presented by using mixed media as light designs, installations, space design, sculptures, digital photography, painting and paper.

Along with her work she also teaches Arts and Design at the Reykjavik Visual Art School.

      Maria is educated from Iceland Academy of Arts in Reykjavik with M.A., M.A. in Design from Domus Academy in Milan, Italy and Design from I.E.D. in Madrid, Spain. She has been based in Reykjavik, Madrid, Milan and London working on her Art and Design. Several of her Designs and Artwork have been nominated, awarded, published and exhibited in Iceland, throughout Europe and USA.


Artist statement

When presented with powerful experiences of nature, we feel a connection to the world and experience ourselves as part of a larger whole. Occurrences as the silhouetting in nature, the constantly changing lighting condition, reflection, shadow, mirroring, colour spectrum, texture, proportion and contextual relationships with the environment. From those sources of inspiration my creations are born. I like to analyse those subjects according to my own logic and translate them into narrative structures of rich visual symbology within my creations.


Exhibitions (selected)

“Glacier Lights” Lækningaminjasafnið, Seltjarnarnes, Iceland, 2016

“SeeMee” Louvre Museum, Paris, 2015

“Reykjavik Arts Festival” National Archives of Iceland, Reykjavik, 2014

“Kubburinn” Bookworks, Iceland Academy of Arts, Reykjavik, 2014

“Vatnavinir” Re Enchant the world, Paris, 2014

“Relate North Art” The Nordic House, Reykjavik, 2013

“World Lights” Harpan, Consert Hall, Reykjavik, 2013

“Mountain Lights” DesignMarch, Reykjavik,  2012

“Vatnavinir” Global Award for Sustainable Architecture Paris, 2011

“Man Made Environment, Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, Reykjavik 2010-2012

“Vatnavinir” EDEN tourism award of the European Union, Brussels, 2010

“Vatnavinir” DesignMarch, Reykjavik, 2010

“Vatnavinir” 1. Prize, Bathing Culture in Reykjavik City, 2009

“Fiskur” Fishing nets residues Installation at Klambratún Reykjavík, 2009

“Fiskur” Fishing nets residues Installation at Klambratún, Kjarvalsstaðir, 2008

“Brilliant Bjartur” 1. Prize, Salone del Mobile, Euroluce, Milano, 2007

“Fiskur” Fishing nets Installations at Klambratún, Kjarvalsstaðir, Reykjavík, 2006

“Kind” Ómur, National Museum of Iceland, Reykjavik, 2005

“Kind” Un_fold. Diesel Style Lab, I.C.F.F. New York City, 2004

“Ylur” Honor Prize, Reykjavik City Hall, 2004

“Pack of Four” Salone Satellite, Milano, 2004

“Time Square” Braun Prize, Kronburg and Helsinki, 2003

“Sustainable Design” Triennale Museum,  Milano, 2003

“Esterni”, Salone del Mobile, Milano, 2003


Merits (selected)

2018 Artist Stipend from the Ministry of Culture and Education in Iceland

2016 “Glacier Lights”, Installation, Light- and Artwork. Published in Grapevine

2016 “Glacier Lights”, Installation, Light- and Artwork. Published in Fiera Mag

2016 “Glacier Lights”, Installation, Light- and Artwork. Published in Design Milk

2015 Published in SeeMe Pro Members Volume 47, New York

2014 4. Prize in open competition for Photography in the Highlands for Landvernd

2014 1. Prize in closed competition in Conceptual Lighting Design and Art work

2014 1. Prize in Conceptual Design for Arbaejarsafn Architectural Museum

2013 “World Lights”, Harpan, Reykjavik, Iceland. Published in Fréttablaðið, Nat. TV

2013 Photographical work Published in “One Life” and “Exposure” SeeMee books

2012 “Mountain Lights” Nominated as one of top ten of DesignMarch 2012 by H&H

2011 “Vatnavinir” Global Award for sustainable Architecture

2010 ARKItektúr, Architectural Magazine. Graphic Artwork on Cover

2009 “Vatnavinir” 1. prize in competition for Reykjavik City

2008 Artist stipend, Ministry of Culture and Education, Iceland

2007 1. Prize, International Light Competition in Euroluce, Salone del Mobile, Milan

2006 Artist stipend, Ministry of Culture and Education, Iceland

2005 Magazine of Architectural Review in Iceland. Concepts for Public areas

2005 “Kind” National Museum of Iceland. Published in Morgunbladid

2005 Artist stipend, Ministry of Culture and Education, Iceland

2004 Published in Morgunbladid, article of life and work of designer

2004 "Kind" I.C.F.F., New York City, USA. UN_FOLD Published in City Magazine

2004 Honor Prize for urban sustainable concepts. Published in National TV

2004 Salone del Mobile, Salone Satellite, “Pack of Four”, Milano, Italy. Published in Interni 09/04 and Design Attiva 07/04, Gas Magazine 04, Glamour Italia 06/04

2003 “Time Square” Conceptual Lighting Design nomination, Braun Prize, Germany


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